Week 22 – Fat

The bakery must have gone through a record amount of butter and lard this week. Everything we made contained copious amounts of fat and was coated in yet more fat and sugar. It all kicked off on Tuesday, when we made puff pastry in patisserie. We compared our own pastry to some store-bought pastry and the difference was remarkable. The store-pastry looked grey and lifeless and lacked puff. I attempted to make some gallette just like I had in Paris from my puff pastry. It was all going well until I tried to bake a glaze on to them and they became a little over-caramelised.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday we cracked open more cases of fat to make lots of enriched doughs. This included things like lardy cake, which had lard mixed through the dough and croissant and danish doughs, which had butter laminated into them in layers. Yum.

The highlight was Friday, when Emmanuel baked off the many trays of danishes that we had prepared the day before, while we fired up the deep friers and made piles of doughnuts. It was amazing!

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