Week 28 – Woodfired

The school had a special surprise for us bakers this week. Rumours began on Twitter late last week but no one quite guessed correctly. When we were all back at school, fresh from work placement, Wayne broke the news to us that we would be running a pop up bakery in Nottingham. As if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, we were also told that we would be working downstairs in the Welbeck Bakehouse. All bread was to be baked in the wood fired oven, packed on to a van, then displayed and sold in a stall we had been given at the Victoria Centre Market. In order to accomplish this, the group of ten bakers was split into teams of two – each with a particular responsibility. Over the coming weeks we will rotate between managing, mixing, baking, sweets and selling. We will prepare on Wednesdays, bake and sell on Thursdays then spend Fridays as per usual in the classroom. It all sounds good in theory but we’ll see how it goes in practice. We used this week to acclimatise ourselves to the fiery oven environment.

In other news this week I managed to sit on my camera and break it. So don’t expect much activity on my Flickr site until that situation is resolved.

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