Week 29 to second-last – Fill in the gaps

I know this is a bit of a cop out, but I’ve left myself no option but to sum up pretty much the whole of the final term in dot points. I think this proves how busy things get at the School of Artisan Food and just how hard I have been working. While completing my studies I have also been working on an exciting new project which has consumed a lot of my spare time. I’ll introduce that a bit later. For now enjoy the final flurry that was the last term at school.

  • Our market stall at Nottingham had mixed results. We were given a stall near the fish section, whose stench deterred many customers. We learnt a lot from the exercise but it was ultimately cut short. Playing with the wood fired oven was fun, but definitely seems like an insane way to run a bakery. It’s hard enough as it is without having to worry about lighting a massive fire three hours before baking!
  • We paid a visit to Monmouth Coffee and Neal’s Yard Dairy in London.
  • Ben Peverelli, founder of Leon, came to talk to us.
  • I gave a presentation on how and why I photograph food.
  • We had to prepare and present a business plan.
  • We wrote many essays discussing what an artisan is.
  • We took another trip to Harper Adams to conduct tests on croissants. I made some shockingly bad croissants in my kitchen at home and compared them against Tesco’s finest. My croissants were beaten in all areas except taste.
  • Those of us taking the patisserie minor had to perform a practical assessment. I made rhubarb and custard choux balls, almond choux, dark toffees, earl grey soufflés, chocolate-covered marshmallow on biscuit and black rice pudding with apricot jam.
  • I made some strawberry jam.
  • I invited everyone over to my house for a pancake breakfast one last time.
  • I travelled home to Australia to do my last work placement, where I worked for a week at La Galette de France.

Many other things happened during this time and I’m a bit disappointed I haven’t managed to keep the blog up to date. It would have been nice to have a complete record of the weeks, but I think I did pretty well to keep writing for as long as I did. I have saved one last post for the final week, where we had our baking assessment. Stay tuned for that!

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